Jeannette Pikturna

Jeannette M. Pikturna’s passion for art started at the age of 3. Her first medium red lipstick, her first canvas, was the inside of her parents couch. She pulled all the pillows off the couch and with lipstick drew designs on the couch, and then covered it back up with the pillows. Then her parents invested in some art paper, and art supplies and the rest is history.

Jeannette graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1989 with a Bachelors of Fine Art and Graphic Design, and a minor in Photography. Then a few years later she went back to school and received a certification from the American Academy of Art for Computer Graphics & Desktop Publishing, and a certification from the Illinois Institute of Art for Multimedia Design. Jeannette also took graduate level classes in business at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

Her love for fine art and design continued to grow, and she is now an emerging artist. She is forever creating art, and following her passion. Most of the time you will see Jeannette with her camera taking photos, and using some of them for references for her next painting. She also participates in Plein Air events with the Niagara Painters from time to time.

Jeannette exhibits her artwork in galleries all over WNY. In 2013, she won awards in two different art galleries using two different mediums. Jeannette continues to sell her work in WNY and Chicago. She is originally from Chicago, however currently resides in Lockport, NY since 2009.

She is known for her animal pastels and people call her a Pastelist, however she enjoys working in many other art mediums as well. Her painting style is unique varying between realism, abstract, and a combination of both. Jeannette’s primary inspiration comes from studying famous artists in college, and her connection to animals and nature. Then she loves to express that connection with her interpretation on canvas, paper or cement. She created an 8’ humming bird in 2013, and a 6’x9’ tiger made with pastels on the streets of Lockport NY for the SWEET CHALK FEST in Aug. 2014. This is the largest work she has created to date.

Jeannette continues to increase her oil painting skills, and learn new oil painting processes from well known artist George V. Miller, Renaissance ~ Old World oil painter. Her most recent oil painting called Soulful of a giraffe was created using oil painting techniques taught by George V. Miller.

Jeannette opened an art business in May 2014 called JETTS CREATIVE ZONE. Jeannette’s art services include; Paint & Tastes at local Wineries, Custom Pet Portraits, Commissions, Pastel Art Teacher at Lockside Art Center in Lockport NY, and Graphics.