Patricia Perry

Patricia Perry, a self-taught photographer became interested in photography in 2008 when she entered a show in Lockport to benefit a local animal organization. After winning an honorable mention ribbon, she was hooked! In 2010 she opened her business, "Chance Encounter Photography" in Lockport, NY.

Her interests have been mainly landscapes, animals, pets, macro and " special effects" She enjoys experimenting with her camera in the physical sense, not post-processing. "I love the unusual photos one can create with everyday objects such as water, paint and reflections, etc. I am always on the look-out for new techniques."

Patricia has been very involved with several galleries in Lockport behind the scenes as well. " I have been on the board of directors for many years and have assisted with fund-raising, openings and finding new talent in our community as well"

What is in the future for Patricia? " I hope to continue exploring new techniques to obtain interesting results, as long as it is a fun process, I find it immensely rewarding and challenging!"